"CTE Courses do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities."

Choose a “Career Pathway” to complete during high school. Career Pathways can give you a JUMP START on your college and career goals. Take the 3 credits required to complete your pathway and you are a completer!
1- Tell your counselor you want
to be a completer
2- Excel in your CTE classes and
receive STATE SKILL CERTIFICATES for your career portfolio
3- Get high school/pathway
credit and make money while completing a CTE Internship
4- Pathway completers will receive a white cord, CTE medal, completer luncheon, and receive a “STATE PATHWAY CERTIFICATE”! CTE = Higher graduation rate, opportunities in Student Organizations, awards & scholarships

Alexa Webb

CTE Specialist

American Fork High School

801-610-8800 Ext 565


Masterlist Of All Pathways


CTE Statistics for Alpine

School District 2018

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